Thread dyeing specialist, we propose our textile finishers know-how on every types of threads for our customers

synthetic materials

polyamide, polyester, Trevira CS, Nomex

man-made materials

viscose, acetate, Tencel, Modal

Natural materials

cellulosic (coton, linen), protein (silk, wool, horsehair) materials

Dyes on reels

Our recent and efficient dyes on reels workshop enables us to answer our customers demands and needs as well as possible. Equipped with 14 autoclaves and 2 fast dryers, we can realize your requests as soon as possible with the best quality. We can answer to all size of order (small, medium and big), from 3 kg to 600kg.

Dyes on hanks

The diversity of our production of dyes on hanks tool, composed of 15 windlass machines, propose you a wide range of treatments to realize your colors with accuracy. From 500 grams to 150 kg for each color, this way of artisanal manufacturing requires the technical know-how and experience, essential for the good formulation of the color.