• Professionalism, technicality of our teams and collaboration with our chemical products and colorants suppliers enable us to dye every thread in the best conditions.
  • We have 14 autoclaves with different capacities and adjustable volumes which permit to dye in optimal bath ratios to guarantee a good reproducibility of the color.
  • Reactivity and quality are our requirements. Each production is followed and controlled by our teams.
  • All of the requirements from the specification of our clients are taken into account since the process development and after each production.
  • We can process orders from 3 to 600 kg in dyeing on bobbins and from 500 gr to 150 kg in dyeing on skeins.


  • Material storage : we receive the unbleached threads from our suppliers and have the possibility to store them in our premises of more than 2000m2, so has to deal with your order quickly.
  • The winding, before or after dyeing : you have the possibility of rewinding before and/or after dyeing your threads, thanks to our close outsourcing partners. This process can be done with every materials (natural, man-made and synthetic) and on every types of threads (continuous, textured or fiber).